Frequently Asked Questions

Is live, virtual teaching effective for young children?

In short, yes. Although we will not be meeting in in-person classes, children will get to have a very personal experience. Ms. May teaches each virtual class with her students in mind and works hard to develop relationships with each child. She learns about them and what they like. She pays attention to their learning styles and applies that knowledge to her classes. Through these methods children become personally involved in the classes, are encouraged to participate through discussion, sharing, games, and even jokes!

How much “tech” is involved in the classes?

There are two answers to this question. In Spanish classes for children ages 4 to 6, the response is not much. They will need some parental support in order to connect to the Zoom class, but otherwise, classes are designed to be highly analog, with stories, puppets, movement activities, and sing alongs. Ms. May will supply visuals both live and through designed documents to aid learning, but children will not be expected to maneuver any technical features.

For art-based classes in the age group of 6 to 11, children will benefit from knowing how to sign on and off of Zoom, how to raise a “virtual hand”, and participate in class chat. They will also be encouraged to take photos of their work and upload them to our Showbie class platform in order to share their progress and interact with other students. Class projects will be “analog”, or put another way, mostly handcrafts. The virtual platforms we use are to aid learning, but our goal at School Beans is to let children have a highly “manual” experience.

What if I am not satisfied with School Beans?

We work hard to give each family a satisfying experience through a personalized approach. While we hope you are fully satisfied with our services, we do offer a flexible enrollment and refund opportunities, allowing families to cancel up until the start of the course. After the course starts we offer partial refunds within specific time periods that are outlined in each course booking.

Why are Spanish classes only 25 minutes long?

Spanish classes are designed to allow young children to be highly engaged without overstimulating or over-saturating them with information. Language acquisition requires a lot of “turning gears” in our brains, and 25 minutes is just the right amount of time to give children the opportunity to have a very high quality experience without tiring.


How many children will be in each class?

All classes have a maximum of 15 learners and a minimum of 5, with an average of 10 to 12 students.

What are the general goals for students in School Bean’s courses?

School Beans has several general goals for all their learners. First, we want children to be excited about the content of the courses! After-school classes should be the opportunity for children to dive into things they really love and enjoy, be it puppets, unicorns, drawing & painting, or engineering. All classes are designed to be developmentally appropriate for their age groups. We believe that each child is a valued member of the School Beans community, and we work hard to know them on a personal level. We also believe in community and unity. Children will have the opportunity to share, work together, and really get to know Ms. May.

How personalized are the classes?

A personalized experience is paramount at School Beans! Over the 12 weeks of each course, we take time each week to get to know one another by talking about our favorite things, playing games, sharing news from the week, and telling jokes! By the end of the semester children will have developed real, lasting relationships with peers.


What benefits do virtual classes offer?

Online classes have a variety of benefits. In these modern times, virtual classes allow children to participate in fun programming without health risks. Parents do not have to spend time taking their children to live classes or have to do any at-home setup for classes to happen there. Children can set up a work area where they can continue to work on their special projects and/or participate in classes throughout their course. Older children can maneuver their own experiences and may only need reminders about when they have their classes.

Will parents have access to class information?

Yes! Important email reminders and updates will go out as needed throughout the course of the semester. Class recordings will be uploaded to the cloud for children who may have missed a class or for parents who are curious about what we are up to! Ms. May is always available via email to talk about any questions you may have (please allow 24 house for a response).

What devices should my child use for his/her classes?

A tablet or laptop will work beautifully. Tablets have the most merit with younger children for the intuitive nature of the touch screen, but laptops will work well too if you do not have access to one.

Where do School Beans students live?

School Beans students join us from up and down the west coast! This is one of our coolest features. We connect children from different places, and let them start to grow their global thinking and connectivity. Does your child have a cousin in Seattle? A good family friend in San Francisco? They can sign up together and have a unique experience of participating together which they otherwise would not have been able to do.