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Brighten your child's school day! School Beans offers live, interactive specialty classes during the school day and semester-long after-school courses in Art, Science, Spanish, and Social-Emotional Learning for children from 4 to 11 years old. What differentiates us from other enrichment courses is the value of a live, small group experience that truly connects students to their teacher and peers, and provides the exceptional, compassionate teaching they deserve.

Kids' Paintings

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Classes begin on January 25th.


Meet Ms. May!

Watch Ms. May draw a monochromatic kitty! This is just one fun mini-activity that is part of Kitty Club: All About Cats. Draw and paint along activities are also part of several other courses including Learn & Draw: The World Cutest Animals and Mythical Magic: Fairy, Mermaid and Unicorn Art.


What the Parents Say

Brooke brought her skills in both Spanish and Nursery education to our home. She is thoughtful, patient, kind and VERY good at warmly guiding a young mind through the learning process. We are so thrilled to have her aid in our four-year-old's Spanish introduction.

Crystal F.

We asked our daughter what she loves about Ms. May and she responded, “Ms. May helps me and she also makes me happy”. She has a voice that is calming to our daughter which we can see in the way she wants to rewatch all Ms. May’s read aloud videos. It is so clear that she loves what she does and that is what makes her great!

Nina B.

Our son LOVES Ms. May (as does every kid in his class). All he talks about is Ms. May this and Ms. May that. When we first met her, we immediately knew he was in great hands which put our minds at ease. Her infinite patience and fun nature truly brings out the best in everyone. He is so lucky to have experienced such an amazing teacher.

Gina K.

Our daughter LOVED being in Ms. May’s class and having her as a teacher! Her creativity, warmth, and sense of humor created such a fun and light atmosphere. I always knew our daughter was learning and having a great time. Ms. May’s activities have infused our home with creativity, laughter, and multiple layers of learning and engagement!

Meredith M.

I continue to be really impressed by what Ms. May teaches the kids in Social Emotional Learning through Art. Our daughter loves her class and we discuss it every night. She is clearly passionate about what she does and it shows. I think the areas focused on in this course are critically important. I wish that more adults new how to deal with these issues in a productive way. :)

Thank you Brooke. You are an excellent teacher.

Erick G.

My daughter has been learning a lot regarding social emotional health and is making great artwork in the process! The resources that Ms. May provided are ones that are proving resourceful for my other two children as well, so I really appreciate the work she does!

Tameil Y.


Sing Una Sardina in Spanish with Ms. May!